Producing Award Winning Wines of Distinction from
Monterey County, California

About Appellation Ventures, LLC.

Producers of Esser® Vineyards, Las Palmeras® Vineyards and CRUSH 8® Wines

Appellation Ventures, LLC. was formed in early 2013 by seasoned wine industry professionals and acquisitioned Esser® Vineyards in August of 2013.

In 2017 Appellation Ventures launched a new brand, Las Palmeras®, to pay homage to the Franciscian Padres of Monterey County and their winemaking legacy.

In just four short years, our hard work has translated into highly acclaimed, award winning wines with distribution in 28 countries and 36 states across America, with a 115% sales growth in 2015 alone.

Our wines are sourced from grapes grown on environmentally sound and sustainably farmed vineyards in the cool Central Coast/Monterey Valley region of California.

Quality – Appellation Ventures continually delivers outstanding product quality, producing well balanced wines with integrated fruit and layers of palate complexity from vintage to vintage. This has become our signature in the marketplace.

Pricing – Appellation Ventures produces consistent, high quality, premium wines for a value price. Consumers perceive our wines as being from a higher price point. We work closely with our wholesalers to provide competitive BTG pricing.

Brand Support – Appellation Ventures is well funded, and provides ample marketing dollars to our distribution partners to support local market programming and promotions. Our website supports our partners with easy access to tech sheets, sell sheets and shelf talkers in the Media/Trade section.

The Esser® Vineyards Story

Esser® wines are produced from the cool Central Coast Region of California and crafted from sustainably farmed vineyards. These wines express the fruit, the climate, the terroir and water into a poetic expression of flavors long sought by wine connoisseurs from around the globe.


The Las Palmeras® Vineyards Story

The Spanish merchant explorer Sebastian Vizcaino discovered Monterey Bay while searching for a protected port along the California coast for the Spanish galleons. He named the bay in honor of the Viceroy, the Conde de Monterey. Monterey Bay was highly sought as a sheltered port, but the outpost was not established for another 160 years.


The CRUSH 8® Wines Story

A few years back, we (along with our winery friends) became passionate about producing a wine that would appeal to the broadest range of wine drinkers. Thus CRUSH 8® was born. We explored many different wines and varietals, creating new blends that we presented to our families and friends. These tastings lead us to palate pleasing, refined and balanced blends that are now the hallmark style of our CRUSH 8®.


Our Winegrower is a Proud Member of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

Benefiting the environment, the community and high quality grapes and wine.

California Sustainable Winegrowing AllianceCertified California Sustainable Winegrowing is a certification program that provides verification by a third-party auditor that a winery or vineyard implements sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

The vision of the Sustainable Winegrowing Program is the long-term sustainability of the California wine community. To place the concept of sustainability into the context of winegrowing, the program defines the three "E's" of sustainable winegrowing as growing and winemaking practices that are:

  1. sensitive to the environment (Environmentally Sound)
  2. responsive to the needs and interests of society-at-large (Socially Equitable)
  3. and are economically feasible to implement and maintain (Economically Feasible)

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