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Monterey County, California

The CRUSH 8® Wines Story

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There are EIGHT essential ingredients to winemaking you will love in every glass of CRUSH 8® wine:
Passion, Pride, Commitment, Experience, Fruit, Terroir, Perseverance and Love

A few years back, we (along with our winery friends) became passionate about producing a wine that would appeal to the broadest range of wine drinkers. Thus CRUSH 8® was born. We explored many different wines and varietals, creating new blends that we presented to our families and friends. These tastings lead us to palate pleasing, refined and balanced blends that are now the hallmark style of our CRUSH 8®.

California is home to 14 recognizable white and 19 red grape varieties produced throughout 180 major and sub-appellations on more than 480,000 bearing acres. This acreage is managed by over 3,900 winery brands, many still in the hands of families, not corporations.

These modern California vineyards now produce better fruit, with farmers becoming better stewards of their land, farming sustainably. This benefits the fruit vinified into our CRUSH 8® wines. Our blends are true to the varietal name on the bottle and include, in many cases, lots from well-established appellations such as Napa, Sonoma, Monterey, Paso Robles and Lodi.

We at CRUSH 8® are privileged to work with many growers throughout the Golden State to source the best wines available for our annual blends. Our benchmarks are well established to maintain and improve the quality of our product as we taste different lots and assemble the best blends, bringing enjoyment to our customers now and in years to come.

CRUSH 8® Chardonnay has a splendid pale straw color, with an aroma of citrus and tropical notes that are vibrant and rich. The palate has creaminess and you will find characteristics of melon, citrus fruit, apples and a hint of tropical fruit on the nose which carry through to the finish. The wine has a crisp freshness from a good balance of acidity.

CRUSH 8® Zinfandel has a brilliant red color with aromas of candied raspberries, fresh strawberries and plums, with subtle notes of sage, rosemary and thyme. This wine has a medium body, crisp acidity and delicate tannin structure. Flavors of raspberry and cherry are mixed with spice and a coco powder finish.

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