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Mád Wines from Hungary, now exclusively available to order within the USA and Canada from Appellation Ventures, LLC and FSB within CA.

The Tokaj region of Hungary has been producing great wines since the 1500s. King Louis XIV of France (1638-1718) once referred to Tokaj wines as The wine of kings and the king of wines.

Mad Wines

The village of Mád is located in the heart of the Tokaj region and is the home of the Mád Winery.

Most of the wines are based on the Furmint, one of the highest potential white grape varieties with significant aging potential and sourced from 26 vineyards in the area to present a volcanic mineral character.

The new Golden age of the Tokaj wine region has already started.

Mád Wines Currently Available:

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Appellation Ventures Italian Selections.
Appellation Ventures is currently working on additional future Italian Wine offerings.

Italy remains one of the most fascinating countries in Europe with a rich cultural and agricultural history that has been embraced by people from around the globe. The country is second to Spain in planted acreage of vines. Over the past few decades and with the advancement of technology, new modern vineyards have been planted in virtually every region - from the cool alpine hillsides in the North, to the South with the island of Sicily.

about the winery

Fattoria Fibbiano is a family-owned-and-operated agricultural company and farmhouse located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in the hills between Pisa and Volterra. The company covers an area of approximately 74 acres on which it pursues the dream of producing Tuscan wine made from native grapes. All soils are treated with organic non-chemical fertilizers. The vineyards are rooted in soil that is rich in clays and seashells, a condition that is favorable for producing wine without much human intervention, which inevitably would change its nature.

Fattoria Fibbiano contains a vineyard that is over one hundred years old (one of the oldest vineyards in the region) from which have been selected the mother plants of all existing vineyards within the company. The farms' wine cellar, where wines were born in the late 1800's, now serves as a tasting room.


The farm, located in the valley of the Era, near Terricciola, was the property of the family Gherardi del Testa Barasaglia of noble lineage and its origins date back to around 1300. On the hill in the Fattoria di Fibbiano there are some tombs and finds of that civilization that formed the principle of Tuscan culture.

The farmhouse of Fibbiano was built in 1707, but it is part of our history over three centuries later.

In 1997, Giuseppe Cantoni, along with his wife Tiziana and their two sons, Matteo and Nicola, decided to return to Tuscany and rediscover the roots of his family, who had been farmers for generations.

When Tiziana first saw the Farmhouse Fibbiano, she immediately realized that wouyld be where the family would share their simple, rich life, in contact with the earth and the purest things, far from the noise and routine of the city.

After renovations, the Farmhouse of Fibbiano maintains the tradition of the territory but is ready to gather new stories, meetings and experiences.

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